Occasional Realms

On the road again....

After receiving the commission from Lord Padraig, the group prepares to leave town and follow up on some of the many threads they have gathered. Before leaving, however (arg!) they visit the mercantile of Bairwin Wildarson. There they are able to sell the booty they have acquired. Wildarson seems interested in and excited by their mission against the kobolds and a bit curious about their conversations with Sister Lenora. They also visit Thair Coalstriker who shares a humorous moment with his dwarf brother Harbek. He has no real information for the group other than that he sold a lot of shovels, picks and the like to Wildarson when he first came to town.

The party then (finally) leaves to investigate the “dragon graveyard” where they were told Douven was headed. On the way, they are ambushed by, surprise, yet another group of kobols. There seem to be no end of the pesky marauders in the vicinity. This group, as the others, poses little trouble for the mighty adventurers.



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