Occasional Realms

Into the Labyrinth

(After an 18 month hiatus, our intrepid adventurers head off to Thunderspire to investigate local disappearances)

The Last Push (or It's a TRAP!)

Session XP: 440
Total Party: 3883

The Way Down

Session XP: 297
Total Pary XP: 3443

A Knights Tale

Session XP: 471
Total party XP: 3146

Further into the Depths

Session XP: 637
Total party XP: 2762)

Kobolds Klobbered, Delving Depths

Early in the morning the party sets out to rid the countryside of the vermin Kobolds. Sriking southeast from the hamlet the party encounters the main Kobold encampment rougly and hour after setting out. The kobolds have set up shop in a clearing at the base of a small waterfall and a large battle ensues. Just as our intrepid adventurers feel they have the contest won, one of the little buggers breaks for the waterfall and escapes to a hidden cave! It’s not over yet, and anyone in the cave is well aware of the impending threat.

Plunging through the icy water, the party encounters yet MORE kobolds. This time, however, they are not just simple fighters, but there are soldiers and a wyrmpriest to deal with as well. A few minutes into the conflict, and the party comes face to face with the much rumored Irontooth. Even with their goblin leader in the fight, however, the gang is unable to defeat our heroes. The village of Winterhaven is safe again. Or so they think. As his dying proclamation, Irontooth beseeches his evil god, “Mistress of Night, prepare my way!!” Perhaps these vile highwaymen have more connection to the Shar cult than once thought.

Needless to say, the Heroes are hailed happily on their arrival back in Winterhaven. The excitement is shortlived, however, when Valthrun reveals his discoveries that evening in Wrafton’s Inn. He informs the group of the true history

Session XP: 625
Party XP: 2125

Weaving threads...

After the run in with the tiny invaders, the party finds the burial site that old man Eilian told them about. They discovered the excavation site of an ancient dragon. To their surprise they were greeted by a gnome who seemed to know them. Of course it was just a ruse to get the jump on the adventurers. Little good it did him as the party made short work of the digging crew.

The gnomes name turned out to be Agrid and he had just discovered the object of their search. It was an ancient mirror desired by the sorcerer Kalarel for an unknown ritual. Agrid also revealed that his contact in town was the merchant Bairwin Wildarson. Wildarson, it seems, was leading the Cult of Shar which Sister Lenora was so worried about. Agrid also has firm knowlede of the whearabouts of the kobold camp which should prove useful in the parties errand for Lord Padraig.

Also discovered at the excavation site was the object of the parties desire; Douven Staul. Douven was very glad to have been found by his old friends. He told them that he had come to Winterhaven hoping to find the burial site of Shadraxil, the ancient shadow dragon who had been killed over a thousand year ago. He was disappointed, however, not only by his capture, but by the fact that the dragon in the pit was obviously an immature dragon probably buried as a decoy. A decoy for what, Douven had no idea. And the final resting place of the actual Shadow Wyrm remained as much a mystery.

None of this, however, seemed to have much to do with Winterhaven’s kobold problem. That at least was the prevailing opinion of Lord Padraig, even when presented with Agrid’s information about the Cult of Shar. He did realize, after reflection and some prompting from the group, that the two may be related. At least the connection to Wildarson should be in investigated.

The group decides to take the direct approach and escorts Agrid directly to the Emporium. Knowing the jig is up, Bairwin flees to his subterranean chapel to Shar. There the party confronts several semi-transformed cultists to Shar in the form of Dark Servants and Sightless Reapers. The presence of these abominable creatures was grim testament to the inroads the Dark Goddess had already made into this small community. The adventurers were able to deal with these creatures easily enough and found more evidence to link the Cult to the mysterious Kalarel with evidence that something more was going on in the Shadowfell Keep.

Dire as the situation in the north may be, Lord Padraig, ever the pragmatist, recommends the party take action on the most reliable information they have in hand; the location of the kobold base. They retire to Wrafton’s Inn with that intent for the following day.

Loot: 113 gp 23 sp

Session XP: 510
Current party XP: 1500

On the road again....

After receiving the commission from Lord Padraig, the group prepares to leave town and follow up on some of the many threads they have gathered. Before leaving, however (arg!) they visit the mercantile of Bairwin Wildarson. There they are able to sell the booty they have acquired. Wildarson seems interested in and excited by their mission against the kobolds and a bit curious about their conversations with Sister Lenora. They also visit Thair Coalstriker who shares a humorous moment with his dwarf brother Harbek. He has no real information for the group other than that he sold a lot of shovels, picks and the like to Wildarson when he first came to town.

The party then (finally) leaves to investigate the “dragon graveyard” where they were told Douven was headed. On the way, they are ambushed by, surprise, yet another group of kobols. There seem to be no end of the pesky marauders in the vicinity. This group, as the others, poses little trouble for the mighty adventurers.

A Random Meeting

Riardon and Darkmos remain in Fallcrest to further investigate the mysterious connections to Winterhaven hinted at in the dragons letter.  While waiting at the Nentir Inn, a group of thugs led by a mercenary accost a seemingly innocent traveler in the inn.

Harbek, Danelin, and Vanelin also happen to be at the Inn at the same time.  Following his nobler instincts, and much to Danelin's chagrin, Harbek intervenes to aid the poor soul.  Following a fight in which the two parties team up, they learn the traveler is an acolyte of Chantea from Winterhaven. He was sent by the chief priestess of Winterhaven, Sister Lenora, to find aid against a Cult of Shar which she believes has taken root in Winterhaven.

As this presents an opportunity for Riardon and Darkmos to delve deeper into the dragons plans and matches Vanelin and Cos. plan, the two adventuring groups decide to combine forces.

 While on route to Winterhaven, the group is attacked and repulses a group of kobolds.   None of the kobolds are willing to divulge the location of their base of operations under penalty of torture from their leader, Irontooth.

Arriving in Winterhaven, the group stays at Wrafton's Inn and meets the owner Sylvana Wrafton.  She is able to provide some insight into current events around the small town and the recent infestation by kobold marauders.  They also meet Elian the Old who has some very interesting information for Vanelin concerning the possible whereabouts of Douven Staul. Riardon has a private interview with Sister Lenora where he learns more about her concerns with the Cult of Shar. Finally, the group accepts a commission from Lord Padraig, Lord of Winterhaven, to deal with the Kobold menace.

Rebeginning again

While taking a few days of well deserved in Fallcrest, the paladin Namenlose receives a summons from his abby to return immediatly.  Long time friends Kildrak and Thelina decide to accompany him, leaving the remaining two members of the dragon slaying party, Riardon and Darkmos to ponder what to do with the strange letter they found in the dragons hoard.


Meanwhile,  Vanea and Danelin arrive in Fallcrest on their way to the town of Winterhaven.  They are on a mission to discover the whearabouts of their friend Douven Staul.


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