Occasional Realms

Letter from The Dragon

This is the letter found in the dragons horde.  Perhaps a clue to a larger plot?



You stupid mongrel!! I did not send a squad of my best troops for you to hire them out to a zealot.  Kalarelis an idiot but he may still serve the needs of dragonkind.  Assistance from the planes may aid the return of the Ancestor.  The Bitch will then learn of the strength of dragons.  Even a god will not prevent the resergance of the Serpent Kings!


Heed my advice.  Do the job you were sent to do.  Take care of the weaklings in Winderhaven and report when you have finished the job.  Once Fallcrest also succumbs, the local area will be ours; the perfect staging groundfor the next phase of operations.


Remember who you work for and perhaps your reward will be other than simply q quick death.  Succeed or you will face my wrath.



Prologue ends..
The end of the beginning.

The party sucessfully returns Teldorthans green dragon hide armor to him to claim their reward.  On the way, they rid the countryside of the maurauding kobols and their erstwhile leader, the young, apparently very young, white dragon Szartharrax.   Think what future horrors the young adventurers have prevented by eliminating that dread wyrm while still a yound grub.


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