Occasional Realms

Weaving threads...

After the run in with the tiny invaders, the party finds the burial site that old man Eilian told them about. They discovered the excavation site of an ancient dragon. To their surprise they were greeted by a gnome who seemed to know them. Of course it was just a ruse to get the jump on the adventurers. Little good it did him as the party made short work of the digging crew.

The gnomes name turned out to be Agrid and he had just discovered the object of their search. It was an ancient mirror desired by the sorcerer Kalarel for an unknown ritual. Agrid also revealed that his contact in town was the merchant Bairwin Wildarson. Wildarson, it seems, was leading the Cult of Shar which Sister Lenora was so worried about. Agrid also has firm knowlede of the whearabouts of the kobold camp which should prove useful in the parties errand for Lord Padraig.

Also discovered at the excavation site was the object of the parties desire; Douven Staul. Douven was very glad to have been found by his old friends. He told them that he had come to Winterhaven hoping to find the burial site of Shadraxil, the ancient shadow dragon who had been killed over a thousand year ago. He was disappointed, however, not only by his capture, but by the fact that the dragon in the pit was obviously an immature dragon probably buried as a decoy. A decoy for what, Douven had no idea. And the final resting place of the actual Shadow Wyrm remained as much a mystery.

None of this, however, seemed to have much to do with Winterhaven’s kobold problem. That at least was the prevailing opinion of Lord Padraig, even when presented with Agrid’s information about the Cult of Shar. He did realize, after reflection and some prompting from the group, that the two may be related. At least the connection to Wildarson should be in investigated.

The group decides to take the direct approach and escorts Agrid directly to the Emporium. Knowing the jig is up, Bairwin flees to his subterranean chapel to Shar. There the party confronts several semi-transformed cultists to Shar in the form of Dark Servants and Sightless Reapers. The presence of these abominable creatures was grim testament to the inroads the Dark Goddess had already made into this small community. The adventurers were able to deal with these creatures easily enough and found more evidence to link the Cult to the mysterious Kalarel with evidence that something more was going on in the Shadowfell Keep.

Dire as the situation in the north may be, Lord Padraig, ever the pragmatist, recommends the party take action on the most reliable information they have in hand; the location of the kobold base. They retire to Wrafton’s Inn with that intent for the following day.

Loot: 113 gp 23 sp

Session XP: 510
Current party XP: 1500



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