Occasional Realms

Kobolds Klobbered, Delving Depths

Early in the morning the party sets out to rid the countryside of the vermin Kobolds. Sriking southeast from the hamlet the party encounters the main Kobold encampment rougly and hour after setting out. The kobolds have set up shop in a clearing at the base of a small waterfall and a large battle ensues. Just as our intrepid adventurers feel they have the contest won, one of the little buggers breaks for the waterfall and escapes to a hidden cave! It’s not over yet, and anyone in the cave is well aware of the impending threat.

Plunging through the icy water, the party encounters yet MORE kobolds. This time, however, they are not just simple fighters, but there are soldiers and a wyrmpriest to deal with as well. A few minutes into the conflict, and the party comes face to face with the much rumored Irontooth. Even with their goblin leader in the fight, however, the gang is unable to defeat our heroes. The village of Winterhaven is safe again. Or so they think. As his dying proclamation, Irontooth beseeches his evil god, “Mistress of Night, prepare my way!!” Perhaps these vile highwaymen have more connection to the Shar cult than once thought.

Needless to say, the Heroes are hailed happily on their arrival back in Winterhaven. The excitement is shortlived, however, when Valthrun reveals his discoveries that evening in Wrafton’s Inn. He informs the group of the true history

Session XP: 625
Party XP: 2125



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