Occasional Realms

A Random Meeting

Riardon and Darkmos remain in Fallcrest to further investigate the mysterious connections to Winterhaven hinted at in the dragons letter.  While waiting at the Nentir Inn, a group of thugs led by a mercenary accost a seemingly innocent traveler in the inn.

Harbek, Danelin, and Vanelin also happen to be at the Inn at the same time.  Following his nobler instincts, and much to Danelin's chagrin, Harbek intervenes to aid the poor soul.  Following a fight in which the two parties team up, they learn the traveler is an acolyte of Chantea from Winterhaven. He was sent by the chief priestess of Winterhaven, Sister Lenora, to find aid against a Cult of Shar which she believes has taken root in Winterhaven.

As this presents an opportunity for Riardon and Darkmos to delve deeper into the dragons plans and matches Vanelin and Cos. plan, the two adventuring groups decide to combine forces.

 While on route to Winterhaven, the group is attacked and repulses a group of kobolds.   None of the kobolds are willing to divulge the location of their base of operations under penalty of torture from their leader, Irontooth.

Arriving in Winterhaven, the group stays at Wrafton's Inn and meets the owner Sylvana Wrafton.  She is able to provide some insight into current events around the small town and the recent infestation by kobold marauders.  They also meet Elian the Old who has some very interesting information for Vanelin concerning the possible whereabouts of Douven Staul. Riardon has a private interview with Sister Lenora where he learns more about her concerns with the Cult of Shar. Finally, the group accepts a commission from Lord Padraig, Lord of Winterhaven, to deal with the Kobold menace.



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